Travel insurance

Adriatic Health & Care Travel Agency has prepared travel insurances in cooperation with Croatia Insurance, that can provide you with protection against unforeseen situations such as illness, flight cancellation or baggage loss which can lead your journey in an unwanted direction and create additional costs. In order to help you in such unfavorable situations, our recommendation is to ensure yourself in time and accept some of the insurances that we offer and that will cover your expenses in such a case. Travel insurance can be individual, family (father, mother and children up to 28 years old) or group insurance, if 8 or more people are being insured. The duration of insurance is in accordance with your needs, for a period of one day to several. Insurance may be concluded within three days after concluding the contract regarding the trip.

Health insurance in collaboration with ELVIO, a leading international company in the field of assistance and travel insurance includes and covers the following services:

  • costs of emergency medical treatment 
  • the cost of medicines and medical supplies prescribed by a doctor 
  • necessary medical aids and walking aids prescribed by a doctor 
  • clinical treatment performed with scientifically recognized methods 
  • transportation costs performed by recognized emergency services for the purpose of reception in the hospital or to the nearest medical clinic 
  • costs of transport to a specialized clinic if medically indicated, therefore prescribed by a physician 
  • costs of operations 
  • dental treatment because of acute toothache, amounting to 150 euros 
  • the cost of repatriation of the insured and other services under the terms of the insurance to the amount of the sum insured

Additional insurance services:

  • help in overcoming language barriers 
  • family notice in case of deteriorating health of the insured 
  • instructions on measures to be taken in case of stolen documents, credit cards, tickets 
  • in case of unpredicted events, ELVIA sends messages to the local croatian embassy and transmits all messages to the family or the enterprise, changes hotel, airline, car rental reservations and meetings in accordance with your instructions 
  • If traveling by car, in case of an accident, you are entitled to receive help provided by Croatia assistance, you are also entitled to the reparation of the vehicle or towing assistance in case of technical breakdown, external influences or negligent handling of the vehicle. You can get help from the intervention team of our partner company Oryx, that immediately comes to the location and solves your problem, by calling the number 0800-0400

The travel organizer enables its clients travel insurances, to which belong the following:

  • travel health insurance 
  • supplemental accident insurance with travel insurance
  • private liability insurance
  • trip cancellation insurance
  • luggage insurance

Travel Health Insurance

Travel health insurance refers to covering medical expenses during your travel and stay abroad as well as transportation costs in case of illness, accident or death.

Supplemental accident insurance with travel insurance

If during your trip or stay abroad you intend to engage in any sports activity, recreationally or professionally, we recommend this supplementary insurance, that will protect you from the costs that may incur as a result of sports accidents which are not covered by the travel insurance.

Private liability insurance

This insurance covers the extra-contractual civil liability of the insured person for damage to third parties due to death, bodily injury or injury to health and the resulting damage to property.

Trip cancellation insurance

This insurance protects you from the costs incurred by the trip interruption or inability of its realization due to the occurrence of unforeseen situations. The insurance company will reimburse 90% of the amount you paid to the travel agency or tour operator in case of trip cancellation.

Trip cancellation insurance applies to and covers the costs incurred only in the case of:

  • disease
  • accident 
  • natural disaster
  • death 
  • military drill

Such risks relate to the insured person and his family (life partner, children, parents, siblings, grandparents).

Luggage insurance

The purpose of luggage insurance is to cover any damage to your luggage during the journey as well as in the destination you are arriving to. In case of loss of the luggage or the delay, the insurance company will cover the damages in the amount of 250 euros.

The duration of the insurance is customized to fit your needs and can be made for a period of one or more days.

Insurance guarantee

If a traveler suffers material damage, the insurer agrees to compensate the same. The insurer's guarantee relates to the payment of damages according to the Act on the provision of tourism services and refers to:

  • payment of the travel price, if the travel agent's services cannot be rendered due to payment inability or bankruptcy
  • payment of the costs incurred due to payment inability or bankruptcy of the travel agent, for returning the passengers to their point of departure.