General terms and conditions of the trip

1. General terms and conditions of the trip and their application

General terms and conditions of the trip represent an obligation of the travel agency in accordance to the legal provisions prescribed in the Act on the provision of tourism services. In order to perform its activities the agency must comply with the general provisions like issuing service terms and conditions, content, as well as price of services, issuing invoices, adhering to the rules of the profession, keeping the professional secrecy, providing the agreed services etc.

2. Registration terms and conditions

Travel registrations are received in our agency through questionnaire which is to be filled on our site, by e-mail, or by telephone inquiries and by other means of electronic communication, depending on the client's preference.

3. Content of trip program and terms of payment

The content of travel is provided in the trip program, while the particular services like health service, which do not make part of the arrangement price, are charged by the doctor at usual prices.

Informations about prices of medical services as well as the offer may be obtained from our staff, but the medical service is charged by the doctor at usual prices.

Accommodation is organized by the agency and after booking the client pays 30% of the total arrangement price. The remaining 70% the client pays not later than forty days before departure, if a credit card is used. Ten days if payment through internet banking or depository payment is used. If the client does not pay within stipulated time, the organizer will consider the trip cancelled and retain the paid amount of 30% to settle the costs of your booking. If the trip is organized in a period of less than fifteen days prior to departure, the client pays the total amount of the arrangement price within 48 hours of receipt of the offer. Tourist tax is included in the price of the accommodation.

Transport is organized according to the mutual agreement and in accordance to the client's needs and preferences. The agency offers to its clients the services of travel insurance. If a client doesn't choose to arrange an insurance policy, the agency is not responsible for the possible damage foreseen in the insurances we offer.

The travel agency is obliged to issue an invoice, a ticket or a receipt with the number (voucher, numbered agreement etc.) for every service sold, by which the receipt of the payment is confirmed. Particular services requested by the client during the trip are paid subsequently to the organizer by payment to his account. Costs incurred as a result of financial transaction are charged to the client or customer.

4. The travel organizer's obligations and responsibilities

The agency is obliged to provide to the client those services comprising the content and the characteristics foreseen by the agreement, and represent the client's rights and interests. The organizer is obliged to inform the potential client by means of informative materials, whether printed or electronic, as well as send a preliminary notification (offer) to the client about the trip and services it comprises. As a travel organizer, the agency is obliged to provide the agreed services and issue the corresponding document for the previously paid trip. The organizer is obliged, in writing or in some other manner, to send the information to the client, eg. the personal information about the person (the trip organizer or the agency representative) who the traveler can contact in case of difficulties during the trip. The organizer excludes any responsibility in case of changes or failure to provide the agreed services caused by vis major. In such a case the organizer will try to find and offer the suitable solution in the client's interest.

5. Guarantee

The agency organizing the trip is obligated to provide a guarantee at a bank or insurance company for every package holiday (accommodation + transport + insurance) due to the compensation of the price of the trip to the client if the same is in bankruptcy or payment impossibility and, consequently, is not able to provide the agreed services as well as pay the resulting costs for the client’s return to the place of departure. The guarantee may be in the form of insurance policy, cash deposit or bank guarantee.

6. Protection from responsibility (Liability insurance)

The agency is obliged to introduce the client to the valid contract and terms and conditions of protection from responsibility. The travel organizer has stipulated the contract with the insurance company about protection from responsibility for the damage caused to the client due to the failure to fulfill, a partial fulfillment or incomplete fulfillment of obligations regarding the package holiday.

7. The client's or traveler's obligations and responsibilities

The travel agency services' user is obliged to respect the agreed and booked terms and conditions agreed upon with the travel agency. The client, upon arrival, has to present a document about the paid arrangement, a certificate or a voucher to the carrier, accommodation provider or to the travel organizer. Otherwise, the contractual arrangement will not be considered valid and will be applied the regulation on termination of the contract. The voucher serves as a proof of the reservation of the services or the package arrangement.

The client is obligated to have a valid travel and personal documents during the trip. The responsibility for the costs of documents' loss or theft, is not on the agency, but on the travelers themselves.

The client also has to respect the customs and foreign exchange regulations of the Republic of Croatia. Furthermore, the client has to respect the house rules in all the visited institutions and cooperate with the travel organizer as well as with the third parties whose services they use. The service provider and the user are obliged to respect the general terms and conditions of the trip and are mutually responsible for it.

8. Contract cancellation by the organizer

The travel organizer has the right to cancel the trip if the circumstances arisen by way of vis major prevent the provision of the agreed services. The organizer is then obliged to inform the client and to refund the total paid amount or to offer the client a corresponding substitution of arrangement with the client's consent. In the case the program changes the accommodation can be substituted only in the same or higher category building the difference of price of which is charged to the organizer's account. The travel organizer has the right to cancel the trip if the total agreed amount is not paid in the agreed time period (art.6.) and keep the paid deposit for the booking costs.

9. Contract cancellation by the client (the traveler)

If the client due to certain reasons refuses to set off the agreed trip, they are obliged to inform the agency in writing. The date of the written cancellation is the basis for computing the costs arisen, which the agency will charge to the client's account. If the interruption of the trip happens with the client's fault, the organizer charges the total amount of the trip to the client's account. The cancellation costs are also applied to all the important changes as well as to the changes of the accommodation unit and to the changes of the departure date.

10. Service categorization and description

Accommodation facilities and other facilities as well as means of transport are described according to the official categorization. The standards of some countries are different and not comparable. The information the client receives subsequently from the third party, which are not agreed in advance with the organizer, do not represent an obligation for the agency in greater measure than it is stated in the trip program.

11. The conversion statement

The sum charged in the offer is converted to the foreign currency compatible with the foreign currency exchange rate. The service prices in other foreign currencies are computed according to the selling exchange rate of the Croatian National Bank. The agency keeps the right to change the advertised prices in the case of the change of prices by the service provider.

12. Complaint settlement

The client who signed the agreement has the right to a written complaint if the agreed and paid services are not provided or are partially provided. The complaint has to be sent in writing to the official agency's e-mail or to the exact agency's address in term of eight days after the return. The agency is obliged to settle such a complaint in term of fifteen days from the receipt and to inform the client in writing about the settlement of the same. The agency has the right to delay the settlement during the additional ten days if the additional information have to be gathered and the elements of complaint checked. The organizer will accept only the individual and completely documented as well as reasonable complaints sent in the previously stated term.

13. Changes and amendments of general terms and conditions

The organizer has the right to change the general terms and conditions as the amendments of the same. If there are changes or additions to the general conditions of travel, they will be published in this document. Any changes to the general terms and conditions do not affect the existing contract between the organizer and the client.

14. The court's authority

The court in Rijeka is competent for all the disputes arisen which can not be settled consensually.