Privacy statement

Within this Statement Adriatic Health & Care Travel Agency commits itself to the protection of its clients' information compatible to the Law of Information Protection, the Electronic Information Law and the Law of Providing Services in Tourism.

All the information are kept as a business secret within the Law of Providing Services in Tourism and can not be forwarded to the third parties without the client's consent.

Personal information voluntarily entered like: name, home address, e-mail, telephone number and medical documentation will be used within the purpose they have been sent.

The third parties which will be provided with the information given with your consent (the clinic you visit will be provided with the medical documentation, the owners of the private accommodation will be provided with the personal information necessary for the check-in) are also obliged to keep the confidentiality of your information based on their own Privacy Statements.

Information entered for the purpose of payment of services via internet card transactions will be available exclusively to the agency's central banks, as well as their branch-offices due to the payment authorization.

Adriatic Health & Care Travel Agency is not responsible for breaching the guaranteed protection of personal information committed due to an accidental mistake or a mistake made due to a vis major, but in such a case it is obliged to repair the damage as soon as possible.

The protection of your information is permanent and in accordance with the legal provisions, you have the right to request information, amendment, change and deletion of your personal information from our documentation. Such changes are possible on the base of your written request sent to the Adriatic Health & Care Travel Agency management.

Your consent

By filling our forms on the base of which we process your information, you guarantee the accuracy of the same, as well as your agreement with the provisions of our privacy policy.