1. Why Adriatic Health & Travel Agency?

We provide medical treatments in best-equipped clinics with leading experts in their fields. The accommodation is organized you in the most exclusive facilities and we provide transportation at affordable prices as well as Low Cost flights.

2. How will I book the treatment and accommodation?

After receiving your first inquiry we will send you a form to fill in, so that we can get a complete insight about the services you have chosen. After processing, we will send you an offer with services requested by you. Based on your request we will send you an offer that combines accommodation, transport and insurance as well as a medical offer with the exact date of the requested treatment.  Trip the moment you leave you return as well as the whole treatment process.

3. How will I play the booking?

Reservation payment applies only to accommodation and transfer services. Payment can be made by way at a transfer order or Internet banking. If you decide to accept our offer, you have to pay 30% of reservation services immediately (accommodation + transfer) and then your reservation will be considered valid. The remaining 70% of the price is to be paid 40 days before the beginning of the trip. If your trip is organized in less than 40 days the full amount must be paid immediately. The full price of the plane tickets booking must be paid within 24 hours.

4. How will I pay the insurance?

The amount of the insurance policy has to be paid in full amount on the agency account right after the conclusion of the insurance contract. The insurance policy has to be concluded within three days after paying the reservation for the trip. If you have decided about one of offered insurances we will send you the appropriate policy and the account.

5. How is the medical service charged?

You can get all the information about the medical services, the treatments, the prices and the appointments from our employees. The medical service is not charged by the agency. The medical treatment is charged in the clinic you are visiting. The medical treatment can be made in cash or by a credit card.

6. How long does a dental treatment last?

Time required for the dental treatment depends at the dental procedure you will be doing. Based on the medical questionnaire that we will send you, which includes the X-ray, the doctor will determine the time necessary for a certain surgery or treatment and offer you the best possible solution. Some dental procedures can be solved in 24 hours, while some require a treatment during several visits. If the procedure or treatment that you need requires more than one visit to the doctor, our agency in cooperation with the doctor will make a plan of treatment including the organization of all the accompanying services adjust to the time you have at your disposal.

7. Why a dental treatment in Croatia?

Dental clinics in Croatia are equipped with the latest technology, and the doctors from this area are superbly educated experts with great experience in Croatia and abroad. This kind of tourism is widely accepted because of the competitiveness of the quality of service at relatively low price. For all the works preformed in one of the clinics we are cooperating with, you will get a guarantee issued by the doctor as well as certificates for determined materials that are used. This kind of services is even more acceptable because of the possibility at connecting medical care and vacation.

8. Which are the expenses incurred if the change or cancellation of booking occurs?

If a change or cancellation of travel by the client occurs, all incurred expenses of booking will be charged to the client. You can read in the General Terms and Conditions more about changes or cancellations.

9. What about the contacts and examinations after the treatment?

The necessary medical care depends about the procedure that you have undergone. You will get instructions how to treat the area on which the medical procedure was performed from your doctor. In cooperation with the doctors, we contact our clients to check how the healing treatment is proceeding. If you have any questions after the treatment we are at your disposal and please be free to contact us.

10. Can I book a Bio holiday or the accommodation service without medical service?

Bio holiday is a separate service which you can book independently of the medical treatment as well as the accommodation. You can combine transport and desired treatment services it self with this one.